Welcome to my new web-site. For a long time I have been concerned that people have very little opportunity to ever hear my music. That is my main motivation for creating this web-site. You will be able to hear musical works of mine right here on this site in streaming audio. And periodically we will change these offerings to keep them fresh.

Steven Gellman - portrait
Steven Gellman. Portrait by Cheryl Gellman.

Many of the works that you will be hearing will be available on a new CD of my chamber music that is being produced by CanSona Records for release in 2010. They will be available for purchase right here as well as through commercial outlets.

Scores of my music and some recordings are available from the Canadian Music Centre.

In the meantime I hope you will enjoy the music, and please let me know how you are responding to the music and to the site. I welcome your feedback.